Photos of my mom's trip

08 December 2010

Remember I told you about my mother's trip? She went to India and Nepal for 4 weeks. She just came back last saturday with amazing stories and incredible photos. She also brought presents for us (I got a Nepalese cap, a little sculpture of Ganesh and a scarf made of yakwool). I really want to show you her photos because they're so beautiful!

First a musicclip of Tibetan/Nepalese temple music. She also bought a CD with this music and in fact, I really like it. Listen to it while looking at the photos :)

All photos taken by Elianne Jessen. You can see the whole set (because there are a lot more photos!) here. I hope you like them as much as I do :)


  1. Die foto van dat hele schattige jongetje is echt heel mooi.

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  3. Die foto van de olifanten en voorbij vliegende vogels is waanzinnig!


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