Damn you autocorrect!

06 December 2010

oh this is SO funny haha, I really laughed my ass off while checking damnyouautocorrect.com! It´s hilarious and really recognizable. I once sent a text message to my boyfriend, asking if ´Milošević´ was dropping by.. I meant ´Milo´, one of his friends, not ´Milošević´ of course.. Have you ever had a funny typo (caused by the autocorrection on your phone)? These are my favorites on damnyouautocorrect.com:


  1. haha echt geweldig! en vind je het wel een leuk boek dan? ;o

  2. hahahaha geniaal ik zit echt al heel lang op die site te kijken haha

  3. my god, that's hilarious :P I never new Iphone does that, must be awkward when you send something like that to someone that should NOT receive it.


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